DIAGNOSIS: Schizophrenia

TREATMENT: Group Integrated Psychological Treatment for Schizophrenia


  • Basic premise: "Integrated Psychological Treatment (IPT) is a group-based CBT program for schizophrenia that integrates neurocognitive and social cognitive remediation with psychosocial rehabilitation. IPT is based on the underlying assumption that basic deficits in neurocognitive functioning have a pervasive effect on higher levels of behavioral organization, including social skills and social and independent functioning.9,34–36 Based on this, successful psychosocial rehabilitation requires remediation of both underlying neurocognitive impairments and related social cognitive deficits, as well as building social, self-care, and vocational skills. IPT strives to integrate neurocognitive with psychosocial rehabilitation in a systematic, manualized fashion with the end goal of improved social competence."


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