Noelle Lefforge, PhD, ABPP

With the Education and Training Guidelines for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy on the horizon for publication in Training and Education in Professional Psychology (Brown & Lefforge, in press), it is only fitting that I would find myself back in the classroom teaching group psychotherapy after a hiatus of several years. I had the opportunity to teach the group psychotherapy course for our Clinical Psychology PsyD program over the summer and now I am teaching it for our International Disaster MA program. It’s truly a gift (and a challenge!) to be able to integrate the academic concepts of education and training into action with the next generation of group psychotherapists. As any professor will tell you, it’s harder and harder to hold the attention and interest of students these days, especially after years of Zoom and general destabilization. It is common for us group-oriented psychologists to be islands in our institutions, which is difficult when we are…well, group-oriented. For this last column as President-Elect, I’d like to try to build some community and share what have come to be some of my favorite activities for teaching group psychotherapy.

Activities for Engaging Students in Group Psychology Courses:

I hope that reading about a just few of my favorite classroom activities got you thinking about your own! I’d love to see some posted on our Division listserv: DIV49@LISTS.APA.ORG  There will be a lot more to come this year in terms of solidifying group as specialty (see the Group Specialty Council update in this issue) while promoting that health service psychology training programs at all levels provide at least a basic level of training in this much needed modality.