We are pleased to announce a series of essays on Navigating Academic Departments. Dr. Nina Brown has devoted much energy in developing a map of group dynamics and group therapy concepts as they apply in academia. Academic departments are ripe for this analysis. They can be posited as conflictual, yet are charged with celebrating teaching and supporting research, while also taking special pride in their capacity to connect thought to action. Meanwhile the interpersonal dynamics  between members, with a range of roles in varying degrees of power, create a range of harmful or helpful group dynamics. We are excited to introduce her first essay in this issue of The Group Psychologist. In this first one she focuses on laying out group concepts and mapping them onto academic departments. Future ones will focus on the climate, challenges facing department chairs, faculty types, conflict, and managing difficult behaviors.

Tom & Leann

Tom Treadwell, Ed.D. T.E.P C.G.P.


Leann Terry Diederich, Ph.D.

Associate Editor