Editor: Giorgio A. Tasca

Special Issue on Data Analytic Methods in Group Psychology and Psychotherapy 

edited by Martin Kivlighan and Joe Miles

Introduction to special issue: Data analytic methods in group psychology and group psychotherapy. 
Kivlighan III, Martin; Miles, Joseph R. 
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Modeling (in)congruence in groups: A how-to guide for applying polynomial regression and response surface method to multilevel data. 
Berg, Ann-Kathleen; Bakaç, Cafer; Kauffeld, Simone 
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Quantifying synchronization in groups with three or more members using SyncCalc: The driver-empath model of group dynamics. 
Guastello, Stephen J.; Peressini, Anthony F. 
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Using linguistic inquiry and word count software to analyze group interaction language data. 
Kane, Aimée A.; van Swol, Lyn M. 
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A practical guide to performing transcript analysis on group conversations in both LIWC and R. 
Kush, Jonathan 
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Examining within-group variability in group therapy. 
An, Mira; Kivlighan Jr., Dennis M. 

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