Tate Paxton, Ph.D. & Gary Burlingame, Ph.D.

The evidence-based group treatment website is now live! You can find it here, https://evidencebasedgrouptherapy.org/ . A team of group therapy experts will continue to update and improve this website over the coming years. We hope it is helpful to group clinicians and the public. Below is part of the main landing page that explains the website. Please read over the “About This Resource” page (found at the link above) for more information.

“What appears on the home page are three tabs: Treatments, Therapeutic Relationship as Evidence-based Treatment (EBT) and Alternatives to Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT). Phase I of the project populated the Treatment tab, summarizing treatments for five anxiety disorders (OCD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic and post-traumatic stress disorders), two mood disorders (major depressive and bipolar disorders), two severe or chronic disorders (schizophrenia and borderline personality disorders) as well as eating, substance use, chronic pain and youth behavioral disorders. Each disorder webpage parallels information found on the Society of Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12) webpage, including: a brief description of the disorder, key summative citations used in study selection, a list of evidence-based psychological treatments that were judged to have sufficiently strong empirical evidence to be included and, promising treatments that did not have sufficient empirical support but where research was sufficiently encouraging to include. Since this is the first release of this resource, we’ve invited each web-page team to “show their work” on the disorder landing page. More specifically, to tell the reader about their inclusion and exclusion criteria and how they approached the task of identifying treatments. Since the disorder teams came from different countries and worked with different disorders, there was some variability in their approaches.”

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