Change is in the Air

It feels appropriate to launch our new website for The Group Psychologist in fall. For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere it indicates a shift to cooler temperatures (climate change impacts not withstanding). Even for our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere, it heralds a changing of the season into spring. The leaves are changing and it’s clear that plants and animals are preparing for the shifts in temperatures. Here too, at the TGP, we are changing and are excited to welcome you to our online format.

To orient you to the site, you can find past issues here: Feature columns and highlights will be on our main page during each issue. And be sure to check out The Evidenced Based website. We want to appreciate the hard work of Brian Johnson & Gary Burlingame  in making this online format possible. We thank the Board for their support and think this new method will be more functional and easier to access for the wide range of our readers. If you like a story that you are reading this month, be sure to share it via your favorite social media outlet.

We’ll let the Evidenced Based Group Therapy column introduce you to the Evidenced Based Practice website, but we also want to call your attention to that. It offers a valuable resource for our colleagues around the world and an important step forward in promoting group as a specialty.

Tom & Leann

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