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Leann(Associate Editor)

Although we are a relatively small Division according to APA standards (Membership Statistics can be found at:, the work of our Board and Committees gives credence to the idea of being “small but mighty”. When you utilize the power of the group, much is possible. We especially want to highlight some changes, ongoing progress, and upcoming programming that our Society is engaging in.

First, we are pleased to be sharing this editorial on our new website for The Group Psychologist being published fall 2023. Limitations were being posed by our previous method of publication, so we applaud the Board in supporting the recommendation to create our own website. The plethora of valuable articles and resources are going to be more widely available to members and non-members alike.

We want to highlight some ongoing work by members of our Board, including our YouTube channel, with a range of valuable videos: We applaud the ongoing work of the Group Specialty Council and look forward to the upcoming Evidenced Based Group website    Fascinating article on the impact of group therapy published in the Group Circle:

New Data on the Impact of Group Therapy on Solving the Mental Health Crisis

Martyn Whittingham, PhD, CGP, FAPA, AGPA-F

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Finally, we are pleased to share the second in a series of essays on Navigating Academic Departments. Dr. Nina Brown focuses this one on the climate and culture of departments. The descriptors of a collegial, toxic, and even cult like department offer valuable insights and metrics for reflection to faculty and academics. Please share it widely, especially with department chairs and Deans who are in positions of power to make a difference.