Tate Paxton Ph.D., Brigham Young University 

APA, Division 49, American Group Psychotherapy Association, and German Health Ministry have provided funding and support for the creation of an evidence-based group treatment website. This website will serve clinicians and the public and will be updated and enhanced on an ongoing basis. Right now, the project is in the creation phase, with Drs. Gary Burlingame and Bernard Strauss leading, coordinating, and supporting the multi-team effort.

Currently, web pages for 3 disorders and the associated group treatments are finished. Multiple international teams are working on pages for group treatments of other disorders, with plans to finish by the end of 2022. These teams (and their assigned disorders) include:

APA Division 49 is beginning the process of hosting the permanent website, with plans to publish as most of the disorder pages are finished. Then, the EBGT website will be a resource freely available to clinicians and the public. APA Division 12 also plans to provide access to the group website through their own evidence-based treatment website, which is undergoing significant revisions. In all, the project is moving forward with a great deal of excitement for additional evidence-based resources for group clinicians.