Kayla (Chunmiao) Wang

Editor – The Early Career Psychologist

With all the challenges and uncertainties that have unfolded and continue to unfold globally, the importance of group therapy becomes increasingly pronounced. It’s a space that allows individuals to feel heard, understood, and connected. Navigating the complexities of group dynamics and individual needs within a therapeutic setting can be challenging, yet it is within these challenges that the transformative power of group therapy becomes salient.  

As an early professional in the field of group therapy, I am committed to an ongoing journey of learning and growth. I am thrilled to serve as the Early Professional Representative for the APA Division 49. I am passionate to facilitate connections, insights, and foster a sense of community among those who, like me, are navigating the early stages of their professional journey. As the Early Professional Representative, I would also like to foster an inclusive environment where diverse voices are heard, and the next generation of group psychologists feels empowered and supported. 

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