Division 49 Institute

Stacy Graves Ph.D.

The Division 49 Institute is seeking mentors and mentees for 2024! This is a great opportunity to support fellow group therapists in culturally sensitive professional development. The Institute is a two-year program that offers many benefits for participants and mentors. We hope you’ll consider joining our initiative!

Our goal is to build a network of support for future leaders who will raise awareness and attention around the intersectionality between BIPOC identities and group psychology.

and psychotherapy.  

An important part of these efforts is connecting students and ECP members to mentors in the field. Mentors meet periodically with mentees and share experiences, knowledge, and support over the two year period. 

Benefits of Institute participation for students and ECPs:

Components of the Institute:

The Leadership Institute is designed to help participants:

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or would like to apply as a student or ECP participant, please reply to stacyjgraves@gmail.com. The application process for both mentors and mentees are simple and designed to facilitate a match based on goals and experiences. I’m happy to provide additional information and answer any questions!

Thank you for considering!

Division 49 Board and Institute Subcommittee

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