COR Corner

Michele D. Ribeiro, EdD, ABPP, CGP, AGPA-F

Hello again dear colleagues.  Looks like winter has slowly melted away and the warmth and longer days of summer have emerged.  Coming from a wet and rainy state, I am thrilled to be enjoying the sun again with beautiful 75 degree days!  Hope you are getting out and enjoying some summery weather also. 

Well, the Council Reps are slowly getting informed of upcoming council items but due to the delay in posting updates, I will not be able to provide too much more than a brief list of what I know will be at the August CoR meeting which is less than two months away!  Here is an overview…There are a few NBI’s which were either nurtured or introduced at the February meeting but were advised to reconvene and present at the August meeting instead.  The four main NBIs include the following:   1) Global Ceasefire Statement; 2) Individual, Collective, and Intergenerational Trauma Recovery: Considering the Restorative Roles of Restitution and Reparations;  3) Association of Jewish Psychologists’ Affiliation with APA and Seat on Council as an Ethnic Group; and 4) APA’s Responses to Armed Conflict.  I have been participating in each of these either as co-movers or in consulting with the movers regarding concerns with the NBI moving forward. In short, these NBIs all have aspects of controversy to them, so it will be interesting to see the outcomes of what the majority approve in August. 

Other business from the CoR listserv include seeking comments on Proposed Professional Practice Guidelines for Psychological Practice in Health Care Delivery Systems. If you are interested to contribute, the public comment period ends on August 3 and can be accessed here:

Overall, my involvement within CoR continues to be as a liaison within the Racial Ethnic Diversity Consultative Task Force and in two other caucuses the Promoting Global and Global Human Rights Perspectives and Ethnic and Cultural Justice Issues.  As I will be attending the meeting virtually this year, I will miss out on informal conversations that happen while in person, but I still seek to provide you with the best updates in summary form within the month of the APA Convention ending.  Until then, have an enjoyable summer and feel free to reach out as needed via my email:

Thank you! 

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