diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder


Compared to depression, there are fewer supporting studies for bipolar disorder. For example, in the mood disorders meta-analysis (Janis et al., 2021), 42 studies were included: 9 treating bipolar disorder, 2 studies including a mix of clients diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder which were included in both the depression and bipolar analyses, and 35 studies treating individuals for depression. Each of the included therapies have at least one randomized control trial study. No promising therapies are included given the relatively few articles on this disorder and the similarity of therapies to one another.


Janis, R. A., Burlingame, G. M., Svien, H., Jensen, J., & Lundgreen, R. (2021). Group therapy for mood disorders: A meta-analysis. Psychotherapy research, 31(3), 342-358. https://doi.org/10.1080/10503307.2020.1817603.